Stealth can implement a wealth of voice biometrics solutions for call center, network, computing, and security functions. IVR enables callers to satisfy queries by using a keypad to input menu choices. Speech recognition extends this capability by using speaking commands or short phrases to select options or accomplish more complex tasks.

These technologies increase call center performance so callers experience fewer dropped calls and lower abandonment rates, while ensuring that only the most complex questions are routed to expensive live agents. Speaker verification technology ensures a person's identity to prevent unauthorized system access.

Stealth's voice biometrics solutions follow a proven methodology that meets the client's performance requirements and business objectives. Stealth evaluates the client's existing technology architecture and potential applications and develops a turnkey solution using the following components:

  • Software selection and sizing
  • User-interface design
  • Hardware platform
  • Speech application
  • Integration to back-end data systems

Stealth's voice biometrics solutions enable clients to increase their call center's productivity, increase customer satisfaction, and provide a valuable security layer to their network environment.