Stealth assists client's with all aspects of VoIP/IP convergence, enabling them to migrate from legacy time division multiplexing (TDM) applications to applications based on IP/SIP protocols.

This approach assures an orderly transition from legacy voice and data networks to a multi-service network that supports voice, data, and video applications. W e can upgrade an application to VoIP/IP technology and make it backward compatible to a PBX system's legacy TDM technology, or upgrade the supporting network infrastructure to VoIP/IP technology, depending on the client's business goals. Stealth will also apply alternate routing and redundant processing techniques to critical network functions to keep the clients network up and running.

We can build converged networks that handle voice and data, and resolve technical issues so clients can avoid the expense of building separate voice and data networks. Our extensive experience with the technical aspects of converged networks enables us to help clients take advantage of LAN/WAN networks and server-based technology, as well as the cost-advantages of VoIP applications for Internet telephony.