Stealth provides clients with a truly balanced technology perspective when providing professional services for a client's telecommunications network infrastructure.

We combine a thorough knowledge of how to implement a voice network with an equally thorough knowledge of how to implement a data network. Few vendors can say that - most stand on either one side or the other of the network technology fence. They either see networks from the perspective of TCP/IP packet transmission through LANs, WANs, routers, and servers, or in terms of real-time voice transmission through channels, switches, and proprietary telecom systems. Our professional services staff knows both perspectives, so they know where to optimize networks to achieve optimal performance.

We provide three types of professional services for implementing telecommunications networks: network design, network integration, and project management. Network design and network integration are turnkey services, in which Stealth is solely responsible for defining, designing, and delivering any aspect of voice and data network infrastructure. In a project management role, Stealth manages the network infrastructure design or integration project from beginning to end. All professional services feature Stealth Expert Engineering (SEE) and Performance Plus Support (PPS), which deliver the most client-specific engineering and support services available in the industry.