Network Design is a turnkey professional service that involves Stealth defining, designing, and implementing any aspect of voice and data network infrastructure from scratch.

Stealth performs a cost-benefit evaluation to determine the best combination of legacy and new technologies and customized design work that will cost-effectively meet baseline requirements and align with the client's business objectives. As part of the evaluation, Stealth will also determine other improvements necessary to adequately support the network infrastructure design, such as upgrading environmental and architectural factors that can affect network performance.

Once the design project is defined, Stealth procures the technology and implements the project, as well as verifying that each network stage meets baseline requirements. Once verification is completed, Stealth brings the designed network infrastructure on line. Stealth then shifts its focus to providing the on-going client support services.

Stealth incorporates long-range planning into its network design services so clients can plan for future upgrades to the network infrastructure that fit with their long-term business plan.