Margaret Nyswonger
President, Chief Executive Officer

Margaret Nyswonger founded Stealth in 1994, and is the company's leader as well as its chief visionary and technical strategist. After holding teaching and administrative positions, she joined InteCom in 1983, where she performed customer service functions from end user training to help desk support and taught herself how to design and troubleshoot phone systems. While at InteCom, she had the opportunity to work with early adopters of private branch exchange (PBX) systems based on customer premises equipment (CPE), such as Mr. Steve Jobs and Apple Computer, Ford Aerospace & Communications Corporation, and California Public Employees' Retirement System. In 1987, she moved to Contel, where she designed, installed, and supported complex telecommunications systems while managing customer accounts. In her account management role, she learned how to align customers' business plans with their evolving technology needs. After Contel became GTE, she designed, installed, and supported Ethernet-based voice and data networks for government and defense customers, such as Sandia and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories. She returned to InteCom in 1992, where she worked as the national account executive supporting Enterprise accounts. Later, she joined Octel, supporting their national accounts as well as being federal and worldwide director for the Hewlett-Packard account, an early adopter of Octel voicemail systems, before leaving to form Stealth.

Ms. Nyswonger has one patent pending in the voice biometrics market segment. She earned a B.A. in liberal arts from Chico State University with a minor in biology, and holds three teaching credentials in liberal arts, physical education, and advanced education.

Brad Berlin
General Manager

Brad Berlin joined Stealth shortly after the company's inception in 1994. Since then, he has been instrumental in developing the company's sales and marketing strategy as well as building the operational tools that enable Stealth to serve its government and defense customers. Previously, he worked at Lockheed as a program manager for flight controllers in the Trident II D5 missile program, where he became an expert at troubleshooting difficult manufacturing problems and developing task and program management methodologies. Before that, Mr. Berlin worked as a manufacturing planning and distribution manager at Atari, where he managed the overseas distribution of components manufactured for the PacMan, Centipede, and Yardney electronic games, and developed numerous methods to reduce their time-to-market. Previously, at Superior Tea & Coffee, he managed their nationwide coffee distribution process. Before that, he managed Pacific Telephone's deregulation consolidation team for PacTel Communications, Inc., and was responsible for ensuring the design and delivery of telecommunications products to on-site installation teams. He has one patent pending in the voice biometrics market segment. Mr. Berlin earned a B.A. degree in history with a minor in business administration from San Francisco State University .


Grant Youngman
Chief Technology Officer

Grant Youngman has more than 25 years of networking expertise. At Stealth, he finds new network, communications, and speech-recognition technologies and leverages them into products and services for commercial applications. Previously, as Stealth's vice president of engineering and operations, he led engineering and technology services for customer sales, customer support, and internal information-technology operations, built an organization of vendor-certified engineers, and managed operations and business relationships with vendors. Before that, he spent 15 years at Contel and later at Verizon, where as director of complex initiatives he led the evaluation, program management, and risk management for the company's major contracts, including the engineering design of advanced noise and Internet protocol (IP) data network solutions for Sandia, Lawrence Berkeley, and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories. Previously, as data program manager at Northern Telecom, he was instrumental in developing an integrated wide-area data-networking program for branch offices. Before that, at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, he directed the development and implementation of technology for the FRCS-80 Network, largest private X.25 network in the United States, Mr. Youngman received an MBA from Georgia State University, and master's and bachelor's degrees in electrical engineering from Rice University.